Why I left Canada and Singapore after 18 years abroad | Financial Tech’s journey

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Join Himanshu on his emotional journey as he shares his experience of moving back to India after 18 years abroad. From Singapore to Canada and now back to his homeland, Himanshu opens up about his background, life in different countries, the decision-making process behind the moves, and why India holds a special place in his heart. He discusses the challenges and joys of relocating, the planning involved, settling into a new life in India, and offers valuable advice for those considering a similar move. Don’t miss this insightful and heartfelt story of rediscovering roots and embracing new beginnings.

  • 1:45 Background and reasons to travel to abroad and why back to India
  • 7:40 Reason to move from Singapore to Canada
  • 10:40 Life in Canada
  • 12:40 : Canada vs Singapore
  • 16:20 : Housing crisis
  • 19:50 Students in Canada
  • 23:00 Canada health care and why India
  • 27:09 Which place in India
  • 28:36 Planning the move
  • 32:35 Kids education
  • 36:05  Life in India
  • 41:30  Advice for future aspirants

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