What to plan financially when moving back to India from abroad | Q&A Session with Dr. Chandrakantha Bhat

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In this expert advice episode, we have a Q&A session with Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat on various topics related to financial planning for people who are living abroad and planning to return to India. Lots of information on commonly asked questions.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • How do people plan their finances when they have plans to move from one country to another country?
  • How to plan for moving assets from one country to another country?
  • Info about RNOR status
  • Info about FCNR account
  • Info about 401k accounts
  • How to move liquid accounts? 
  • Any restrictions on FCNR accounts?
  • Info about Double taxation avoidance
  • Term life insurance planning
  • Health insurance planning

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