Story of an IT family who went to US for onsite, lived for 12 years and made a conscious decision to return back

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Ankush went to US as part of internal company transfer and spent 12 years in US before moving back to India. Ankush had a good social life, good professional career and work life balance while living in the US. Ankush talks about what made their family move back to India, how they approached the timing when they want to move and plan the move as well as which city to settle. 

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Background 
  • Reason to go to US and life in US
  • Reason for moving back
  • Social life in India
  • Planning  the move
  • Career transition 
  • School planning for the move
  • Selecting the place where to relocate to india
  • Daughter’s life after the move ( health, school)
  • How they selected school curriculum
  • Work life balance in India
  • Any topics that we haven’t covered?
  • Advice for the future aspirants

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