Story of a successful career woman’s journey to Asia after 14 years in US and her special needs kid

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Ananya went to the US for her undergrad in 2008. After living in the US for 14 years, she was feeling burnout and decided to move to India for her kid who needs special attention. Currently she is living in Japan. In this episode, we talk about healthcare in India vs US, career transition, logistics of the move, schooling system in India and many more.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Background 
  • Reasons for moving back
  • Favorite place in US
  • Healthcare for special needs kid in US vs India
  • Logistics of the move
  • Relocating pet to India
  • Why Japan?
  • How is life in Japan?
  • Schooling system in Japan?
  • Why Bangalore?
  • Financial planning with the move
  • Any topic that we haven’t covered? 
  • Schooling system in India
  • Approach school selection in India

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