Living in India for 7 years after living in South Africa for 18 years and Foreigners guide to Indian colleges

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In this video, Richa shares her personal journey of living in both South Africa and India as a foreigner. Having spent significant time in both countries for education and now marriage, she provides insightful comparisons on various aspects such as lifestyle, education systems, and the reasons that led her to make the move. If you are curious about the differences between South Africa and India from the perspective of a foreign national, this video is a must-watch. Stay tuned to learn about the application process for studying in India, the international quota, fees structures, and more. Explore the unique experiences and challenges of living in these two diverse countries through Richa’s eyes.

  • 2:02 Background and why to India?
  • 6:09 Life in south africa
  • 8:05 Application process to study bachelors in India for someone who did schooling abroad
  • 10:15 Utilization of international quota
  • 13:30 Education in India vs South Africa
  • 18:00 Life in India as student
  • 19:40 Fees structure for international student
  • 21:18 After education what happened and living in India
  • 23:58 Pros and Cons for living in India
  • 27:11 Advice for future aspirants

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