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Join Sudharshan on his incredible journey of living in 4 different countries by the age of 24, ultimately choosing to settle in India. In this video, Sudharshan shares his experiences growing up in Australia, Germany, and the UK, before making the decision to move back to his birth country, India. Discover Sudharshan’s insights on life in Germany, the UK, and India, including studying in Indian colleges under the internal quota system. Gain a unique perspective on how life in India is perceived from abroad and the realities of living in India. Don’t miss out on this fascinating global journey!

  • 01:32 Background and life abroad as well reasons to be back in India
  • 11:54 Perception of life in India while living abroad
  • 15:18 Why Australia?
  • 17:27 Trigger point to make a decision to move to India
  • 22:24 Life in India
  • 26:45 Future plans in India
  • 29:40 College education in India after schooling abroad
  • 31:52 International quota for indian colleges and fees
  • 33:35 Advice for future aspirants

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