Life of non-IT professional in Canada and career opportunities in India after living for 5 years

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In this video, Amit, a Masters graduate, compares his experiences of working in Canada versus living in India. He shares insights on his background, life in Canada, career opportunities, and the cultural differences between the two countries. Whether you are considering studying or working abroad, or planning to return to your home country, this video provides valuable information on what to expect in terms of career prospects and lifestyle. Join Amit as he discusses the pros and cons of living and working in both Canada and India, based on his personal journey.

  • 2:00 Background and why Canada?
  • 5:05 Career opportunities for non-IT background professionals
  • 7:03 Career planning with the move
  • 9:01 Things that you miss from Canada
  • 11:17 Career opportunities and culture in India
  • 15:05 Any topics that we haven’t covered?
  • 17:21 Common theme of returning to India from his perspective
  • 18:41 Any advice to future aspirants

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