Life in Canada for 16 years, challenges and factors contributing to return to India

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Abhishek went to Canada for his phd and has been living in Canada for 16 years. Abhishek is planning to move to India in a couple of months. In this episode, Abhishek talks about realities, challenges of migrants in Canada, reasons to move back and how he improved his health as well as advice to future returnees.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Background and reasons to move to Canada
  • Life in Canada for 16 years
  • Reasons for relocating back to India
  • Planning of the move and factors contributing to the decision
  • Plan B for relocation to India
  • Social life in Canada vs India and health condition
  • Financial planning 
  • Healthcare challenges in Canada
  • Which place to relocate in India
  • Any topic that we haven’t covered 
  • Advice to future returnees

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