Ex-googler, Author and NRI Counsellor’s Candid Conversation about Returning Back to India

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Nupur went to US for masters, worked at google, lived american life for 13 years before moving to India. Nupur has been working with govt, start-ups, and large organizations since moving to India. Nupur also explored several opportunities and wrote three books. Nupur has also helped 1000+ NRIs and Indians to get clarity of living abroad or in India. Lots of candid conversations and insights. 

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Background
  • Reason for moving back
  • Social/work life in US vs India
  • Misconceptions of living in India 
  • Career transition from technology to arts
  • How did the idea of retiring worked out for her?
  • Perspective on Financial Planning
  • Info about 3 books
  • Any topics that we haven’t covered?
  • Advice for the future aspirants

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