From US to India and Back: Career, Culture and Growth

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 Shivee shares her personal journey of leaving the US for India and then moving back in 2022. Having pursued her MS in the US in 2013, she delves into the reasons behind her decision to relocate to India, touching on topics such as career planning, work culture disparities, and the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Join Shivee as she candidly discusses the motivations and experiences that led to her transcontinental moves.

  • 1:44 Background and reasons to move back to India
  • 9:40 Career transition and planning
  • 15:25 Planning for GC and risks
  • 19:20 Indian/US work culture especially for women in Tech
  • 26:46 long distance learning and remote work
  • 30:54 Future plans
  • 34:32 Flexibility and Social media
  • 40:14 Advice for future aspirants

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