13 Years in US and 13 Years in India  : How this man ditched tech for teaching in the mountains

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Gautam went to the US when he was 19 and after spending 13 years in US, he has decided to move back to India. Gautam has been living in India for the last 13 years. He worked at Google and other big companies before deciding to move back to India. He talks about reasons, career transition, planning, initial life after the move and how it evolved later as well as work life and opportunities in India and spirituality. Lots of great insights!!

  • Background and reasons to be back to India
  • Career transition
  • Planning the move
  • Initial life after the move
  • Evolution of life in India
  • Life as tax paying resident
  • Life in India in the last 13 years
  • work life and opportunities in India
  • Any insights into spirituality ?
  • Advice for future aspirants

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